To start off this ideas portfolio i started to think about what really inspires me and how i explain and get across to others the things that inspire me. Then i wondered what really is inspiration and what actually makes something inspiring? After trying to put words together to make up a definition of what inspiration means, i decided that you can’t really define it in a few sentences because it is more about how inspiration makes you feel and what happens when you are inspired.

I then scribbled down a few ideas of what i think inspiration might be and how you can explain it:

– What is inspiring to one person may not be for someone eles.

– Inspiration can make you want to be better and achieve better.

– It can make people want to help others.

– Makes you feel like there is always something bigger and better and anything is possible.

– evokes emotion- it can make you feel happy, sad, excited, fustrated etc..

– Many things can be inspiring such as, art, ideas, people, fashion, performance, even things such someone surviving an illness or disease.

– Inspiration can bring greatness.

– a stimulation of the mind.


Here are just a few things that inspire me:

-Performance (drama and acting)

– Family and Friends- because of the wacky and wonderful things that they do and say and their individual personalities.

– Movies, theatre, musicals & some t.v shows- Because i like to watch the acting closely and get lost in the story-lines and the characters.

–  People- random, people i know, children, elderly or even celebrities, because human beings can look and seem so interesting and they do great things.

– Music

– Fashion

– overseas countries and traveling- Because it would be too boring to stay in the one place your whole life and not see and experience other cultures. There are also so many awesome things to see and do around the world that would defiantly be a shame to miss out on.


Thats all for now.


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What is creativity?

 Sometimes people stereotype creativity  as only being good at art such as drawing or painting but really creativity can be anything and it can be different for everyone. Creativity can be seen in many different places, for instance,  in a home where people make their house their own by buying furniture, arranging it and designing it they way that they like. Creativity can also be a major factor for businesses because it is important for a business to come up with creative and innovative ways to capture clients and customer’s attentions so that they can get them interested in their products or ideas.

After thinking about and discussing the idea of what creativity is, i believe it is an expression of thoughts, ideas, emotions and imagination. People can express these things and be creative through things such as dancing, painting, designing or anything else that expresses feelings and thoughts.

 Without creativity, the world would be a duller and more boring place. It allows us to think outside the box, express ideas and use our imaginations for whatever reasons we want.

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