After exploring the the idea of joining a talent agency, i realised that some agencies are very hard to get into and even if you do get into one it’s difficult to stay in. The agencies only make money if and when their talented members are cast for jobs. This would mean that if you were in the books for a while and didn’t get a call back or were never cast for anything then the agency is less likely to want to keep representing you. 

Then all of a sudden an idea came to me. What if their were a talent agency mainly for actors or people interested in musical theatre that worked hard to give aspiring performers a better chance at doing well in auditions and hopefully getting cast for jobs.

The new talent agency would offer: 

-classes for members to attend to assist them with; audition preparation, acting for screen and on stage, character development, etc. 

– They could work one on one with members when they have an audition coming up so that these members are fully ready and confident that they will do well in their audition and therefore have a better chance at getting the role. 

– An audition preparation class for those auditioning to get into the talent agency itself. 

– Scholarships for members who make progress. Even members who don’t get jobs but still show progress, optimism and enthusiasm. Scholarships could send members to leading acting schools in Australia or overseas. 

– Classes and meetings held all over Melbourne, not just in the city or the Eastern Suburbs. 

– Agency members could put on a show or make a film, to showcase their talent every year. This helps them to get exposure and also gain extra experience and skills. 


While going through the things that would be provided by the talent agency i felt like the agency not only acted as a facility that represents actors but also as a school that can help mentor and assist these actors to become better ones so that they can be cast for jobs, work in the field they are passionate about and do something they really love doing. 

Unlike most other talent agencies, this one works with members on a more personal level and gives them every chance to get auditions with potential to be cast.


May 13, 2009. Uncategorized.

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