Melbourne children talent agency.

Bubblegum Casting. 

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‘Bubblegum is a “Boutique” Agency representing around 250 children of all nationalities, religions, backgrounds and abilities.  They do not represent adults other than some of the parents of the children who are registered with us should they wish to work in a “family” situation.’ 

‘Bubblegum promotes children in all areas of the Film and Television Industry including still photography, parades, television commercials, drama, film, mini series, musical theatre, corporate videos and voice-over work.’

‘Bubblegum represents children from 6 months to 18 years. However some of the children doing drama or series can remain with us longer. We also represent some of the parents of the children we have on  books.’

Bubblegum Casting take between 10% and 20% depending on the type of work.


Bubblegum’s fees vary depending on child’s age but all fees cover a 12 month period.

-‘Children under 2 years pay a fee of $250 (incl. GST) and includes the set up administration fee and representation on our website, unlimited updating of photos and information from parents.’

-‘Children over 2 years for the first year pay $385 (incl GST). This covers the set up/administration fee, professional photos by our photographer, representation on our website which incorporates newly advanced technology and unlimited updating of information during the year.’

-‘Fees for talent continuing with us for a further year (2nd year onwards) have a fee of 
$330 (incl GST) and includes website, photography and updating of information and photos for 12 months.

-A discount of 10% is given to families with 3 children or more.’

-‘Family shots if required for family work in television commercials etc. is an extra $150.’


To apply for Bubblegum Casting a talent application needs to be filled out and sent off to the agency.


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