Melbourne Talent agencies


Catherine Poulton Management.



CPM represents approximately 180 people from the ages 5 to adults.  

The agency represents actors in the fields of theatre, music theatre, film, TV, commercial work, voice overs and public appearances. 


To apply for the CPM you would either need to fill out an application form and attach a photo of ourself or alternatively send or email your CV with a photo. 

If the agency likes you, you will be called for an audition and an interview. 

Children under the age of 15 are not asked to to have training or experience to be able to apply, although it is helpful. For children over the age of 15, some training and experience is preferable. Finally, adult applicants are expected to have undergraduate degrees in the preforming arts or extensive industry training/experience. 


If successful in entering CPM then you may be called for auditions and cast for roles. Talent agencies make their money from taking a percentage of their member’s payments. CPM takes;

11% (incl GST) on all TV drama, theatre and feature film work and 16.5% (incl GST) on all commercial and/or print work. 


CPM represents some well-known performers such as: 


-Emily Browning- ‘Lemony Snickets- a series of unfortunate events’ and ‘The Uninvited’ 


– James Sorenson- ‘Neighbours’ as Declan Napier.


– Morgan Baker- ‘Neighbours’ as Callum Jones. 


– Angus McLaren- ‘Packer to the Rafters’ as Nathan Rafter. 


– Lara Robinson- ‘Knowing’ opposite Nicholas Cage. 


– Sara Reed- ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader?’ and ‘Billy Elliot- The Musical’


And many others!

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