Whats in a name?

I didn’t think comming up with a name for my new talent agency would be such a hard task. However, comming up with a name that sums up the whole talent agency was something that was in the back of my mind ever since i came up with the idea.

In last weeks Creativity and Innovation class Maddy and i were talking about our ideas and where we were at with them. I had previously roughly told Maddy what my idea was so she had some idea of what i was doing. Maddy asked me “are you still doing your talent agency with a ‘caring heart'”.

Later on in the week when it came time to actually give the talent agency a name i thought it might be cool to call it  “Caring Heart Talent Agency”. After that i couldnt think of any other ideas and couldnt steer away from that name, so i decided to stick with it.

 Caring Heart Talent Agency works with their members on a more personal level and actually cares about them and their career in acting, not just about the money their members will bring in. The name “Caring Heart Talent Agency” really embodies the whole talent agency’s values and it’s whole philosophy. 

I also like the idea of this name because i think that it depicts the talent agency as a person or people with a caring heart.

As well as having a ‘caring heart’ this talent agency also provides great opportunity for aspiring actors to peruse their dreams and insightful classes, the caring heart is just a bonus that sets this talent agency apart from many others.


May 21, 2009. Uncategorized.

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