Talent agencies.

While having trouble trying to come up with an idea to pitch that i was really passionate about i thought id ask myself if i could have anything in my area of performance, what would it be. Obviously, that would be to act on screen or in theatre. Because acting is a hard and competitive industry to break into, i wouldn’t be able to just act because i haven’t had much experience and no-one knows who i am.

So i figured, want i actually would want would be to become a member of a talent agency so that i would have a chance to audition for roles and hopefully would be cast. 

The role of the talent agency is to find jobs for actors, musicians, models and various other people in the entertainment business.  Talent agencies have two sets of clients, these are; the ‘talent’ and the ‘buyer’. ‘Buyers’ can be casting directors, advertising agencies, production companies or photographers. Agents promote ‘talent’ to the ‘buyers’ by submitting the appropriate age, race, sex, look, talent etc that the buyer is seeking for the job. Agents would usually submit a photo and a CV and if the buyer likes them they are called for an audition and may or may not end up getting the role.

Talent agents make their money by taking a small percentage of the money that their clients are paid if they get jobs, this means that the talent agency’s main and only priority is to get their members into auditions so that they are given a chance to get the jobs. 

Most talent agencies vary in the amount of experience you need to join. Many of them ask that adults have some extensive experience or even have completed a preforming arts course. Children are usually not asked to have any experience, just an interest in preforming. 

To become a member of a talent agency you need to first send in an application and if successful you would be asked to come in for an audition and an interview. If liked you will become a member of the talent agency and may be considered for auditions according to what the ‘buyers’ are looking for.

Being accepted into a talent agency would be something i and many other aspiring performers would love as it would be a great chance to be considered for auditions and possibly be accepted for a job.


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Movies, tv shows and musicals inspire me to continue my desire to persue acting.

Here are some of my favorites and why:


WALK THE LINE.          

Walk the line is one of my favorite movies firstly because i love Johnny cash and his music and secondly because there are 2 of my favorite actors in it. The movie is all about Johnny Cash’s life especailly focusing on his music and love life. The story of his life is also really interesting and inspiring. The acting by Joaquin Pheonix and Reese Witherspoon who play Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash is also a plus in this movie as they really potray the characters emotions and feelings really well.  They also sing a lot of Johnny Cash’s and June Carter-Cash’s songs in the movie which gives the movie an element of musical and also help tell his story throughout the movie.

elizabethtown ELIZABETHTOWN.

This movie is a really inspiring movie about success, failure, family, death and love. The character Claire (Kirsten Dunst), is an incredibly positive person and helps, Drew(Orlando Bloom) get through his failure, his fathers death and pretty much ‘saves him’.



These movies and musicals have some of the best songs and dance sequences in them. They are also fun to watch and inspiring.

6455_sound-of-music-11 chicago1 rent1

center_stage1 billy-elliot-the-musical12


These t.v shows have really great story lines and great actors to play the characters. All three also have an element of humor in them and can be quite funny. They also can relate to real life people and events. 

19546 khiuh house-show

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Performance. Acting.

Acting and drama is something i started to take seriously in high school when i got major roles in school productions and toke drama classes. I had been doing dancing since i was 3 and stopped when i was 14, which then led me to fall into drama.

I don’t really know how to explain why i like acting and drama but i guess it has something to do with being able to portray and interpret a character and sometimes relating to someone in real life with that character. I also prefer something as hands on as acting rather than something like writing or solving problems.

I enjoy both acting for screen and acting on stage although i don’t have very much experience, which i hope to change.

I am really inspired to continue acting when i watch my favorite actors and actresses in movies or in t.v shows.

Here are some of my favorites…   

Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, Mischa Barton, Hilaire Burton, Kirsten Dunst, Julie Andrews, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts, Joaquin Pheonix, Heath Ledger, Hugh Laurie and Peter Gallagher.  

reese_witherspoon anne-hathaway1   mischa-barton

 cw-onetreehill-prt-hburton-season5_009520-23759a-281x374 kirsten_dunstjulieandrews

 catherine-zeta-jones-picture-511 juliarobertspa_468x633joaquin-phoenix 

heathledger 041110_hugh_laurie_11awidec peter-gallagher-red           



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Billy Elliot- The Musical!

I never thought writing these blogs would be a hard thing for me to do each week. I just had the idea that i could collect everything that inspires me and then each week throw something together and post it on a blog. However, its been a difficult task to think of what to put on my blog and i’ve been having difficulty with how to start off showing what inspires me, this is probably because i always have trouble with starting things.

This blog is supposed to be a start to sharing, in detail, the things that really inspire me. In my preferred area of ‘performance’, specifically acting, there are many things that inspire me, but there are also many other things in other areas that inspire me. This is what i’ve come down to as being my problem in completing these blogs. I don’t want to throw the things that aren’t in my area away and not use them for these blogs because they are also really important to me and could help me come up with a great idea to pitch.


So, while having trouble trying to figure out what this blog could focus on, i decided that i could talk about the musical Billy Elliot that i saw at the theatre on Saturday night and that i really loved.

I then realised that talking about the show in this blog counted as something that really inspires me and also happens to fall into my chosen area.

Billy Elliot- The Musical = 

For my birthday, my friend Rachel , brought me a ticket to go and watch Billy Elliot- The Musical because she knows i love musicals and knows that i really wanted to watch it.

i thought the show was really good and the child actors in the show were amazing especially the boy who played Billy.  

The boy who played Billy, who is 12 years old, said in the program that he had only been dancing since 2005, which amazed me because he was so good. The rest of the cast, including the adults, the young girl dancers and the ensemble also made the show really exciting to watch.

Watching such high scale theatre performances, like Billy Elliot makes me want to be a part of performances like them because they inspire me and because i could defiantly see myself preforming in shows like these as part of my career. 



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To start off this ideas portfolio i started to think about what really inspires me and how i explain and get across to others the things that inspire me. Then i wondered what really is inspiration and what actually makes something inspiring? After trying to put words together to make up a definition of what inspiration means, i decided that you can’t really define it in a few sentences because it is more about how inspiration makes you feel and what happens when you are inspired.

I then scribbled down a few ideas of what i think inspiration might be and how you can explain it:

– What is inspiring to one person may not be for someone eles.

– Inspiration can make you want to be better and achieve better.

– It can make people want to help others.

– Makes you feel like there is always something bigger and better and anything is possible.

– evokes emotion- it can make you feel happy, sad, excited, fustrated etc..

– Many things can be inspiring such as, art, ideas, people, fashion, performance, even things such someone surviving an illness or disease.

– Inspiration can bring greatness.

– a stimulation of the mind.


Here are just a few things that inspire me:

-Performance (drama and acting)

– Family and Friends- because of the wacky and wonderful things that they do and say and their individual personalities.

– Movies, theatre, musicals & some t.v shows- Because i like to watch the acting closely and get lost in the story-lines and the characters.

–  People- random, people i know, children, elderly or even celebrities, because human beings can look and seem so interesting and they do great things.

– Music

– Fashion

– overseas countries and traveling- Because it would be too boring to stay in the one place your whole life and not see and experience other cultures. There are also so many awesome things to see and do around the world that would defiantly be a shame to miss out on.


Thats all for now.

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What is creativity?

 Sometimes people stereotype creativity  as only being good at art such as drawing or painting but really creativity can be anything and it can be different for everyone. Creativity can be seen in many different places, for instance,  in a home where people make their house their own by buying furniture, arranging it and designing it they way that they like. Creativity can also be a major factor for businesses because it is important for a business to come up with creative and innovative ways to capture clients and customer’s attentions so that they can get them interested in their products or ideas.

After thinking about and discussing the idea of what creativity is, i believe it is an expression of thoughts, ideas, emotions and imagination. People can express these things and be creative through things such as dancing, painting, designing or anything else that expresses feelings and thoughts.

 Without creativity, the world would be a duller and more boring place. It allows us to think outside the box, express ideas and use our imaginations for whatever reasons we want.

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