How to go about making a new scholarship: 

Locate Potential Sponsors: Companies that can fund your scholarship.

Ask for help: Write letter, emails, phone calls.


Cover: Why you need the money.

             What values can you bring to them for funding your scholarship.


Think about about: -Putting links to their company on your website..

                                     – Mentioning them in your blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.

                                    – Even things like wearing t-shirts with company logos.


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How Much?

How much will things cost?

Examples of some of the costs.

Office Space:    In the Melbourne CBD prices start from $600 per week.

Fitzroy $140 per week, for an office/studio. 


Class space:   

Australian Centre of Preforming Arts, North Melbourne. 

Cost of Hire: $25 per hr.

                        $100 per day.

                       $280 per week.

                       $ 250 per week- long term hire.


Kindred studios, Yarraville. 

Cost of Hire:  Peak rates=  Mon-Thurs 6-12pm = $65/$50(half session)

                          Off Peak rates= Fri-12pm-12am, Sat 12-6pm, Sun 12-6pm, Mon-Thurs 12-6pm=                                                               $55/$40(half session.

                          Solo rates=  Peak- $40/$30 , Off peak- $30/$20


Photographer:     Angie Baxter – $125 per session- $135 a single 11×6 print.


Make-up artist:     Gorgeous Faces-  $75 three or more 

                                 Tika Berry- one person $50 OR more than two people $45 per person.

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The things i need money for to get my talent agency running and keep it running: 

Office space: An office space in the Melbourne CBD so that it is central for members and people who are interested to join can get their easily. 

– Class space

– Qualified preforming arts teachers

– Secretary?

– Photographer: to take photos of members once they are accepted into the agency.

– Make-up artist: for photo shoot. 

-Advertising: which would include a website and adds in local and other newspapers.

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How to apply…

I realised that i haven’t metioned much about how to apply for the talent agency and the process of getting in.

Here is how:

1.Applicants fill out an application form that they can find from the agency’s website and either email it with a photo of themself or bring them in personally to the agency’s office.

2. If applicants are what the agency is looking for at that point in time they will be called for an interview and audition.

3. Applicants will audition by preforming a monolouge and also a small piece of a script with one of the judging panel. They can also have the choice to preform a small part of a song to showcase their vocal abilites.

4. If the applicants are successful and the talent agency likes them and thinks that they have potential than they will most likely become members of the talent agency.


What will happen when applicants become successful members of the talent agency :

-Members will be represented by Caring Heart Talent Agency and the agency will submit their CV and photo to castings and if casting directors like their look or think they could use them , then members will be called for an audition for a role.

– Members are able to work on their auditon material in preperation classes.

– Members will attend audition and hopefully are cast for the job.

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Caring Heart Talent Agency vs. other talent agencies.

‘Caring Heart Talent Agency’ is different to other talent agencies because:

– Deals with members on a more personal level  and supports them- mentoring each one and making certain that each one has chances to get a job in the industry.

– Cares about more than just making money- Talent agencies make their money from a percentage of the money that their members earn if they get jobs. Caring Heart talent agency will make getting their members jobs a priority.  

– Offers classes that people who are applying to audition can attend to get help with their audition and interview. These calsses can give people a better chance at getting in to the talent agency.

– Offers classes to members to prepare for auditions and classes for screen and stage acting to help them get every chance og getting the role they are auditioning for.

 -Offers a scholarship to its members where they will be able to attend leading acting schools.

-Provides a chance for members to participate in a show, either a film or muscial. This is a great opportunity for members to showcase their talent, get exposure and gain experience.

Caring Heart Talent Agency is very different to other talent agencies. It works towards getting the best opportunities for their members in the acting industry and encouraging them to keep persuing their dreams.

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Whats in a name?

I didn’t think comming up with a name for my new talent agency would be such a hard task. However, comming up with a name that sums up the whole talent agency was something that was in the back of my mind ever since i came up with the idea.

In last weeks Creativity and Innovation class Maddy and i were talking about our ideas and where we were at with them. I had previously roughly told Maddy what my idea was so she had some idea of what i was doing. Maddy asked me “are you still doing your talent agency with a ‘caring heart'”.

Later on in the week when it came time to actually give the talent agency a name i thought it might be cool to call it  “Caring Heart Talent Agency”. After that i couldnt think of any other ideas and couldnt steer away from that name, so i decided to stick with it.

 Caring Heart Talent Agency works with their members on a more personal level and actually cares about them and their career in acting, not just about the money their members will bring in. The name “Caring Heart Talent Agency” really embodies the whole talent agency’s values and it’s whole philosophy. 

I also like the idea of this name because i think that it depicts the talent agency as a person or people with a caring heart.

As well as having a ‘caring heart’ this talent agency also provides great opportunity for aspiring actors to peruse their dreams and insightful classes, the caring heart is just a bonus that sets this talent agency apart from many others.

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American Talent agencies.

Here are some American talent agencies, that represnt some of the beast and most famous actors.

– ‘Creative Artists Agency’- Beverly Hills, California                      Represnts: Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Cate Blanchett, Tom Cruise and many others.

– ‘Endeavor Talent Agency’- Beverly Hills, California                  Represents: Hugh Jackman, Amy Adams, Kate Hudson, MIcheal Douglas and many others.

– ‘International Creative Managemnt’- Century City, Los Angeles Represents:

– ‘United Talent Agency’- Beverly Hills, California.                     Represents: Johnny Depp, Liv Tyler, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Rhys Wakefield(Australian), Sophia Bush and amny others.

-‘William Morris Agency’- Beverly Hills, California, also offices in New York, Nashville, London, Miami Beach, Florida and Shanghai.  Represents: Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Julie Andrews, Catherine Zeta-Jones and many others.

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Melbourne children talent agency.

Bubblegum Casting. 

buc ( or click link in my blog roll)

‘Bubblegum is a “Boutique” Agency representing around 250 children of all nationalities, religions, backgrounds and abilities.  They do not represent adults other than some of the parents of the children who are registered with us should they wish to work in a “family” situation.’ 

‘Bubblegum promotes children in all areas of the Film and Television Industry including still photography, parades, television commercials, drama, film, mini series, musical theatre, corporate videos and voice-over work.’

‘Bubblegum represents children from 6 months to 18 years. However some of the children doing drama or series can remain with us longer. We also represent some of the parents of the children we have on  books.’

Bubblegum Casting take between 10% and 20% depending on the type of work.


Bubblegum’s fees vary depending on child’s age but all fees cover a 12 month period.

-‘Children under 2 years pay a fee of $250 (incl. GST) and includes the set up administration fee and representation on our website, unlimited updating of photos and information from parents.’

-‘Children over 2 years for the first year pay $385 (incl GST). This covers the set up/administration fee, professional photos by our photographer, representation on our website which incorporates newly advanced technology and unlimited updating of information during the year.’

-‘Fees for talent continuing with us for a further year (2nd year onwards) have a fee of 
$330 (incl GST) and includes website, photography and updating of information and photos for 12 months.

-A discount of 10% is given to families with 3 children or more.’

-‘Family shots if required for family work in television commercials etc. is an extra $150.’


To apply for Bubblegum Casting a talent application needs to be filled out and sent off to the agency.

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Melbourne Talent agencies


Catherine Poulton Management.



CPM represents approximately 180 people from the ages 5 to adults.  

The agency represents actors in the fields of theatre, music theatre, film, TV, commercial work, voice overs and public appearances. 


To apply for the CPM you would either need to fill out an application form and attach a photo of ourself or alternatively send or email your CV with a photo. 

If the agency likes you, you will be called for an audition and an interview. 

Children under the age of 15 are not asked to to have training or experience to be able to apply, although it is helpful. For children over the age of 15, some training and experience is preferable. Finally, adult applicants are expected to have undergraduate degrees in the preforming arts or extensive industry training/experience. 


If successful in entering CPM then you may be called for auditions and cast for roles. Talent agencies make their money from taking a percentage of their member’s payments. CPM takes;

11% (incl GST) on all TV drama, theatre and feature film work and 16.5% (incl GST) on all commercial and/or print work. 


CPM represents some well-known performers such as: 


-Emily Browning- ‘Lemony Snickets- a series of unfortunate events’ and ‘The Uninvited’ 


– James Sorenson- ‘Neighbours’ as Declan Napier.


– Morgan Baker- ‘Neighbours’ as Callum Jones. 


– Angus McLaren- ‘Packer to the Rafters’ as Nathan Rafter. 


– Lara Robinson- ‘Knowing’ opposite Nicholas Cage. 


– Sara Reed- ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader?’ and ‘Billy Elliot- The Musical’


And many others!

(or click on link in my blog roll.)


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After exploring the the idea of joining a talent agency, i realised that some agencies are very hard to get into and even if you do get into one it’s difficult to stay in. The agencies only make money if and when their talented members are cast for jobs. This would mean that if you were in the books for a while and didn’t get a call back or were never cast for anything then the agency is less likely to want to keep representing you. 

Then all of a sudden an idea came to me. What if their were a talent agency mainly for actors or people interested in musical theatre that worked hard to give aspiring performers a better chance at doing well in auditions and hopefully getting cast for jobs.

The new talent agency would offer: 

-classes for members to attend to assist them with; audition preparation, acting for screen and on stage, character development, etc. 

– They could work one on one with members when they have an audition coming up so that these members are fully ready and confident that they will do well in their audition and therefore have a better chance at getting the role. 

– An audition preparation class for those auditioning to get into the talent agency itself. 

– Scholarships for members who make progress. Even members who don’t get jobs but still show progress, optimism and enthusiasm. Scholarships could send members to leading acting schools in Australia or overseas. 

– Classes and meetings held all over Melbourne, not just in the city or the Eastern Suburbs. 

– Agency members could put on a show or make a film, to showcase their talent every year. This helps them to get exposure and also gain extra experience and skills. 


While going through the things that would be provided by the talent agency i felt like the agency not only acted as a facility that represents actors but also as a school that can help mentor and assist these actors to become better ones so that they can be cast for jobs, work in the field they are passionate about and do something they really love doing. 

Unlike most other talent agencies, this one works with members on a more personal level and gives them every chance to get auditions with potential to be cast.

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